Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

As you know, I believe that all our lifes are connected with one another.

One great way of experiencing this is through inspiration.


In general, I think there are a lot of things out there, which we lost our connection with.


Two years ago, at this time of the year, my father was very ill. I realized during that time, that I was seeing owls. Everywhere. On the internet. While I was shopping. When I drove through town. On bags, clothes or in magazines.

It felt odd and uncanny and some day I started to google the meaning of owls. That´s how I learned about spirit animals, that they want to guide you and might give you an insight over a current life situation.


Eveil de la nuit

„Eveil de la nuit“ 64 x 76 cm, I bought this grand tapisserie picture in Paris, handembroidered in the 1960s


So the owl points to clarity and indeed, during that time, I felt very clear and aware of all the things happening around me. In many traditions the meaning of owls is to be the announcer of death, but also in a symbolic way like a huge transition or change in life.


My father died some weeks later quietly and peacefully and I stopped seeing the owls.

Since then I am much more aware about recurring animals in my life – and I appreciate them now as a useful signpost. They sometimes help me to reassure my feelings or give me insights about something I have to deal with.


As always, it´s our very own choice to make use of such guidance or not. But if you happen to have some own experiences with spirit animals, please share – I´d love to hear about it!

So long, I wish you a very peaceful and happy christmas time!


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