I needed a present! A really wonderful, unique and extraordinary present for the wedding of my oldest and very best friend. We both grew up in Bavaria and I knew him since I was a teenager.

Meanwhile my friend was living in London and being a true cosmopolitan, he met his japanese wife years before while he worked in India. With the wedding approaching I suffered weeks of frustration because I had no idea for an appropriate gift. I only knew, I wanted to create it myself.

One day I glanced at my beloved hand embroidered pictures stowed in a sideboard. I´d collected quite a few over the years and never really knew how to use them.

And then – I had a vision:

Two different cultures … both coming together in one object … with corresponding images …a swan, a mountain, a see … the meaning might be different in both countries but people communicate visually.

Finally I selected six of my antique tapestries for the couple and sewed them together as a cube – which also just happens to be the perfect symbol for fate.

After their marriage my friends now live happily together in London and believe me, there´s no visit I miss a chance to sit on that first CUBELIN.

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It can take months of research and lots of luck to find the most beautiful 20th century tapestry work in the best possible condition to be transformed into a CUBELIN.

The hunt for the suitable motif spans the world and when at long last I detect the right embroidery, it gets shipped, sometimes over oceans, in its original frame to finally be processed into a CUBELIN design.

Each CUBELIN is a three dimensional collage which a specific idea or story that develops over months. The final version depends on size and quality of the embroideries and sometimes I have to dismiss an idea because the pictures are just not right or available.

As a creator of fine art objects I always follow my distinctive ideas on colours and the materials I use uncompromisingly. So before being processed into a CUBELIN, the former wallhangings are carefully restored and lavishly cleaned. Handpicked and colourmatching leatherpiping elegantly rounds off the edges of each cube. You´ll find loving details like the toning of the zippers being made to match the inner bags of the CUBELINS. These costum-made bags are also refillable.

When delivered, the CUBELIN already contains the high quality micro beads, which are solely responsible for the surprisingly supportive and comfortable seating experience you get with a CUBELIN.

 CUBELIN is so much more than an exceptional, thoughtful and personal seating object for your home – it is an inspirational and joyful piece of art for life!



I launched my own label and heart driven business CUBELIN in 2013.

So far I´ve had a career as a TV-presenter for major German TV-stations like Sat.1, N24, Deutsche Welle TV and Kabel 1.

Since my teenage years I´ve been passionate about decorative arts, style and fashion.

My mother, a painter of miniature art and member of the royal society of miniature art in London, taught me to sew and I started designing children´s wear and home accessories early on.

Today I create various one of a kind objects to inspire our everyday life. You can find out more about my other works at

I always had a curiosity for the out of the ordinary and so I´m constantly on the search for unusual art and design. And I love to share my inspirations to contribute to make this world a better and more conscious place.

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