Arts and Fossiles

Arts and Fossiles

Arts and Fossiles

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the paintings of Zdenek Burian, a czech painter who brought sceneries of prehistoric landscapes and dinosaurs to life.

I could watch them in my book over and over again and my imagination ran wild.

His most famous books were published in the 1950ies in german and one is called „Tiere der Urzeit“ (Animals of prehistoric times).

Of course I still have my copy from the seventies.

It´s really worth to google him and check him out, today there are thousands of his paintings in the internet.


Luckily my boys have the same passion for dinosaurs and fossiles like me and so in August we went to Lyme Regis in Dorset, THE place to be for serious fossile hunters like us!






We really did find some quite interesting pieces on the breathtaking jurassic coastline, ammonites mostly and crystals hidden in limestones.

But this little town has much more to offer. Apart from lots of thrilling fossile shops, I discovered an awesome painter, who dedicated his life to paint mainly sceneries out of prehistoric times, just like Burian did.


The lovely Mr. Richard Bizley has a little gallery shop and I couldn´t resist to buy one of his pictures. They are so unusual and outstanding and tell exciting stories of long forgotten times.

His paintings, mostly done in acylics have been exhibited at a number of museums, including the Natural History Museum in London.


Here are some pictures I made of him and his work and if you´re more interested in his paintings, please visit his website at













Pictures of the paintings of Richard Bizley taken from his website

Flying Fearless

Flying Fearless

Flying Fearless

She is sweet and sexy and maybe you wouldn´t instantly be aware of her super powers. But this girl really rocks! Marie Le Febvre is going after her dreams – and she shows no signs of hesitation or fear. She is one of the 70 persons in the world, who is qualified to be a parfumeur and belongs to the group of „Fine Fragrancy“: Parfumeurs, who only create perfums.




Two years ago Marie decided to move from Paris to Berlin with her husband and little son. Here she fulfilled her dream of opening her  own perfume laboratory and launched the fragrance brand “Urban Scents”.






As you can see in her Urban Scents logo, Maries hobby is flying an aeroplane (!) and her attitude towards life is characterized by curiosity and being positive. When she found out about her family´s history – her grandparents helped american soldiers in World War II – she decided to write a book about it. Risking and resistance is a true and inspiring story and very worthwhile to read, as it invites all of us to explore our past and connect with it.




Maries journey into her family’s past influences also her current work as she sources ingredients that help provide income for people impacted by economic and political unrest. She’s developing a fragrance named “Utopia,” a scent that blends materials from around the world, including elements from countries at odds with one another. This fragrance is her personal expression of peace.

And this family of Marie has a lot more going on: her husband Alexander Urban is a lover of art and exhibits in his gallery Cavuspace. Just recently he realized a new amazing project:  the opening of the Habibi Interiors. An amazing space in the middle of Berlin where you can find the most delicate mosaic tiles from marocco – and enjoy the spa area to relax or rent out for a private event.




You´ll find Habibi Interiors in the Eisenacherstr. 58, Berlin Schöneberg. Right next to it is the „Urban Scents“ shop of Marie and the Cavuspace gallery of Alexander Urban.

Here are the links:

Take a look behind reality

Take a look behind reality

Take a look behind reality

Originally I just wanted send out some dear Christmas wishes to you – but then.

Seeing the terror and agonize in Syria, Aleppo, and elsewhere and the same terror and fear right before our eyes in Berlin. And all that terror creating more hate and anger wherever you look…


It leaves me speechless.

I feel a deep compassion and sorrow for all this terrible pain and suffering.

But I also feel like waking up from a nightmare, looking around and slowly starting to realize what madness is happening around us!


In the wake of terror there is always shock. That moment of wakefulness, where we are extremely alert, very present and aware.


It is this kind of present awareness which enables us to see things as they truly are. And I believe it´s important to get that very clear and focused look towards the things happening around us.


It helps us to act with wisdom and out of a deeper knowing, and so not to fuel the omnipresent mad and destructive thinking.


If you feel like wanting to open your eyes even more and look behind the scenes of our collective reality I deeply recommend this new documentary „Hypernormalisation“ by british filmmaker Adam Curtis.


Here is the link to You Tube – if you´re in Britain you´ll be able to watch it on the BBC Iplayer.



I deeply believe that we can change this world for the better.

To do this we need visions and ideas and I hope that next year there will open up some room and space for this.



In the chinese horoscope it will be the year of the fire rooster. Being a sign of dawn and new beginnings, it hopefully raises further awareness to a deeper truth beyond material matters. Where we can connect with each other without resentments to create a sane world for all of us.


Much love to you!



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