Let´s always dream big!

Let´s always dream big!

My dear friend of Cubelin!

It has been an extraordinary year 2017 – I bet for you and me as well as for most people.

Deep shifts, changes, new lifestages and adjustments – clearing processes which were always connected with a good portion of letting go of old patterns and illusions.

So the new year will be for sure an exciting and fulfilling one, where we can start to establish and integrate what we newly learned.

My vision is a big one and I hope yours too!

So lets celebrate as partners in crime, for living life to the fullest, always and everywhere.

I send you much love and hope to see you soon again.

Cheers xx

Arts and Fossiles

Arts and Fossiles

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the paintings of Zdenek Burian, a czech painter who brought sceneries of prehistoric landscapes and dinosaurs to life.

I could watch them in my book over and over again and my imagination ran wild.

His most famous books were published in the 1950ies in german and one is called „Tiere der Urzeit“ (Animals of prehistoric times).

Of course I still have my copy from the seventies.

It´s really worth to google him and check him out, today there are thousands of his paintings in the internet.


Luckily my boys have the same passion for dinosaurs and fossiles like me and so in August we went to Lyme Regis in Dorset, THE place to be for serious fossile hunters like us!






We really did find some quite interesting pieces on the breathtaking jurassic coastline, ammonites mostly and crystals hidden in limestones.

But this little town has much more to offer. Apart from lots of thrilling fossile shops, I discovered an awesome painter, who dedicated his life to paint mainly sceneries out of prehistoric times, just like Burian did.


The lovely Mr. Richard Bizley has a little gallery shop and I couldn´t resist to buy one of his pictures. They are so unusual and outstanding and tell exciting stories of long forgotten times.

His paintings, mostly done in acylics have been exhibited at a number of museums, including the Natural History Museum in London.


Here are some pictures I made of him and his work and if you´re more interested in his paintings, please visit his website at bizleyart.com/













Pictures of the paintings of Richard Bizley taken from his website bizleyart.com

Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week


| Berlin Art Week |

7 Textile Artists


Experimental and decorative Textile Arts by seven unusual artists, shown during the Berlin Art Week at JANUS & ARACHNE, Prenzlauer Allee 29, BERLIN!

CUBELIN presents new CUBELIN cushions and other artworks of Designer Gabi Becker.

See the pictures of our Midissage on 15.9.17.


CUBELIN by Gabi Becker https://cubelin.com/
Anita Keckeis www.kex-spitzenkultur.com/
Diane Lavoie www.dianelavoie.com/
Gudrun Leitner www.gudrunleitner.com/
Manuela Johanna Covini www.covini.com/index.html



| Die Entfesselungskünstlerin |


The Vogue & Berliner Fashion Salon

The Vogue & Berliner Fashion Salon

1. Good vibrations and beautiful outfits!


Arriving at the Kronprinzenpalais I was quite surprised by the overall good mood and the creative outfits of the visitors. Even the photographer at the entrance looked very stylish despite of some rain.



Located at the heart of the stunning scenery in the middle of the historical centre of Berlin, the Kronprinzenpalais is a perfect place for such an event. Here is the view from the balcony of the Palais over the huge construction site today – and 1930.




DER BERLINER MODE SALON along with the Vogue Fashion Salon showcased brands and designers with the aim of encouraging the development of a new public awareness for ambitious German fashion design.


So it was really fun walking through the Palais and enjoying the visual treats of labels as: Perret Schaad, Horror Vacui, Gabriele Frantzen, Malaika Raiss, Nobi Talai, Odeeh and many many more.

First here are some overall impressions:




Gabriele Frantzen


Perret Schaad




2. Colour, embroidery and great visions


Overall prints designed by Rianna and Nina, very eyecatching, but too overload for me ;)



Austrian designer Marina Hörmanseder – going from gothic to Barbie girly neon punk.




Embroidery on japan-esque pinstriped suits by Gesine Foersterling.





William Fan presented a small part of his whole universe, which includes also ceramics and furniture.

And label BENU BERLIN created as always fabulous outfits made of vintage jeans



3. Overall Influence of french cult label Vetements

The trend of oversizing and deconstructing clothes is also in german fashion design very noticeable. I personaly like the freedom it offers not only for designers but for styling our everyday outfits as well.


Antonia Goy





So finally you see a very happy me – looking optimistically towards the german fashion future! Being living proof that having fun with fashion and colours will always brighten up your day.

Have fun!



They love what they do!

They love what they do!

This is Tine Steen, a Berlin artist with danish roots and me at my Inspirational Breakfast at Benedict-Berlin ( more at gabi-becker.com)

We look so happy because we´re talking about stuff we love.


You won´t believe how many years it took her to really start doing what she always wanted to do in her life and embrace her love for knitting and crocheting.

For so many years all such handicrafts have been considered as minor arts.
And so, wanting to be a serious artist she concentrated on painting portraits. But whenever she had some spare time, she was knitting and crocheting as much as she could.

Today she is doing some very exciting art with those wellknown technics. She found a way to express herself in a very edgy and special way, which I find extremely inspiring! Find out more at Tinesteen.de




Tine is also doing projects to help refugees in Berlin and this are some pictures from that:




Just this weekend I visited the Textile Art Berlin and here are my two favourite artists:

Gudrun Leitner, who is by the way also doing some little workshops about her sewing technics in Berlin, more at http://www.gudrunleitner.com/





And here are the artworks of Stefanie Gruber. She started with her intruiging picures only a few years ago.

Find out more about her really exciting technic at http://manufacta-est.blogspot.de/