Mr. Right and Mrs. Perfect!

von | 24 Jun 2015 | 0 Kommentare

Mrs. Perfect lives near my place and I don´t know her personally.
Sometimes she passes me by on her bike with her children (she has four!) and she always keeps herself in this graceful upright position. She´s blond, very pretty and her clothes look always neat, clean and crisply pressed.A few days ago a friend of mine told me about that other lady in her gym, who she just calls „the perfect woman“.
And I knew at once: her „perfect woman“ is my Mrs. Perfect!
My friend additionally informed me about her perfect body and her flawless skin. Mrs. Perfect also seemes to live in happy marriage, be calm and patient with her children and enjoys cooking for 40 people!So we were sitting in awe, wondering, how can that be – how can she be so perfect? And why are we not!We actually considered being jealous…BTW, if you happen to be a man – I am sure you have a male counterpart to envy, don´t you?Because, how can you not be jealous in our world full of ideals and expectations?Somebody once gave me a helpful advice:Jealousy is just the universe asking you: Do you like what he or she´s got? Do you also want that?And if you say yes, I dooooo!!! Then take action and wish for it! Because there is enough abundance for each one of us – so if you want it, you can get it!

And here´s who I really envy (apart from Mrs. Perfect):

I´m jealous of the work of fabulous Erin M Riley!

This girl from Brooklyn New York is weaving the most extravagant tapestries!

Her motifs are amazing: she has done a series about her view of our nude selfie culture, or e.g. police investigation pictures… how edgy is that!

Erin is weaving in a traditional way and even dyes the wool herself.Apart from her amazing motifs I just love to get lost in those woolen pictures, to follow the woven threads and the changing gradient of colours.These kind of textile extravaganca always excites me and makes my heart pound.
All pictures by http://erinmriley.comThank you Erin! I´m jealous and praying for striking inspiration – to create something amazing like that!!I even consider learning to weave now….;)
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