Berlin Art and Style

Wanna know what is the upcoming  – really promising future place to be for Berlin art? It will be the former factory compound at Lehderstrasse 34 in Berlin Weissensee initiated by Jonas Burgert, a german shooting star artist. For the “NGORO NGORO” exhibition this venue invited the public for a few days only at the gallery weekend and hosted an incredibly diverse exhibition of paintings, sculpture, multi media, installations and more. It reminded me of the former “Tacheles” in Berlin – the same inspiring attitude. So here are some pictures to give you an impression:


Johanna Boccardo

Johanna Boccardo


Jonas Burgert

img_0167 img_0184 img_0171 img_0183 img_0157   img_0195

It was a fantastic evening in a great environment with interesting people. Pure inspiration, just how I like it :) I also took a few pics of some visitors, (thank you again)! My favourite is the first one right down below…


img_0187 img_0191 img_0189

An atmosphere just like in the good old glory Berlin days of the 80 and 90s  – hope there is more to come at the next Berlin gallery weekend 2016!

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