Off the Frame

If you look around your flat – are you happy with your wall decoration?

With mine I was definitely not! Every time I sat eating at my kitchentable, I had an urge of doing something with that boring white wall in front of my nose. Then – one weekend – I had an idea! I went to the shop – bought some few little coloursamples – went home on the ladder and started working on that wall. It took me the whole weekend, my family thought I was crazy – but believe me, I was SO satisfied in the end.

You can see me and my little one in awe right here below :)


Gabi Becker

Gabi Becker


So why not start the revolution in your own livingroom – you don´t have to be a graffiti street artist! All you need is a little bit of courage and trust in yourself! How about a tree, a landscape or a silhouette? If you don´t know how to paint in a realistic way, do it abstract! Use a pattern, do stripes or circles – just free your imagination and get started! It will do both: free your creative energy and give you a confident boost. Plus you will have the most individual and personal wall styling ever!

I would like to pin that down with a quote of the visionary Andrea Karg, founder and designer of the fashion brand “Allude”. She also encourages:

“Just paint directly on the wall, an artwork is allowed to be out of the frame.”

This time I would love to hear from you! Did you like this posting? Have you ever put some colour on the wall – except for renovating?  Maybe you can send me an email to with a picture of your work! I would be so happy to see that. So – take action as soon as you can and don´t forget: the only limit is your own creativity!

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