Never mention age or colour

Never mention age or colour

Never mention age or colour

Recently I overheard a conversation at a gallery opening. He was a lawyer and suddenly made this clear and decisive statement, which really impressed me:

He said: „I never mention age or colour.“

Ok. As a lawyer this might be a crucial decision for doing a good job.

But I think this to be a very inspirational thought to integrate in our every day life.

Some time ago I personally decided for myself to not join those endless conversations about age any longer. Because the longer I used to think about growing older, the more important it seemed to be.

And since I made that decision to NOT feed this thought with attention anymore, it just vanished.

By the way, I am 46. And will get older, hopefully ;)

 It´s often just a conscious decision to make:

Why talk and discuss or complain about things which just happen to be?

Why not just accept them?

This might be a good introduction for…tadaa…!

The one and only Iris Apfel, who calls herself a geriatric starlet!



photo by Gabriel de la Chapelle


She has not only a wonderful unique way of styling herself. Most importantly she´s really being her true self.

Iris is 94 years old, living in New York and has had a very creative and fulfilling career as an interior designer ( she even worked for the white house!).

She came to international fame after her hugely successful exhibiton at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2008. People just couldn´t get enough of her and since then adore her as a fashion icon.

There´s also a documentary about her called IRIS, whose style mantra is: „More is more – less is a bore!“








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