The Future Mirror

The Future Mirror

The Future Mirror

Hey gorgeous!

I hope this finds you well!

I often walk through town and just love to watch how other people dress – especially elder ones! And I find amazing inspiration in it when they style  themselves in a unique or unusual personal way.

This is really a fun game to play!

I often take those women as a rolemodel and start thinking of how I will dress like and wrap myself up in maybe 20 or 30 years!

It´s like looking into a future mirror!

Would I wear a quirky dress like e.g. that 80 year old woman? Would I go for white hair or dye it purple? Will I still dare to wear a neoncoloured dress?  And will still I run around in golden shoes ?

Will figure still matter?


To share some inspiration I would love to introduce to you the stimulating blog by Ari Seth Cohen.


Ari Seth Cohen

It´s called Advanced Style . Ari lives in New York and this is his mission:

I roam the streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks. Respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest. Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.

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Ari Seth Cohen has also done an awesome documentary about some of those wonderful women and you can find easily on you tube a trailer, which is worthwhile seeing!

What will your style be like in the future – will you still consider what other people might think of you?

I can tell you that much – you won´t bother anymore after seeing this documentary ;)

Have fun!



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Only for Yourself

Only for Yourself

Only for Yourself

When did you write your last CV or your biography?
Was it to apply for a job? Or for your website? Some days ago a friend of mine called me with an issue that sent me on a quite interesting time travel. She is writing a book about single moms – and wanted to interview me about my personal story. In order to not get confused about my dates and how long which chapter in my life lasted – I decided to write a short biography – with one difference: it was the first time ever I was not trying to impress anyone! I did it only for myself!
So my focus of writing changed completely and the insight was awesome!
I had to rewrite it three times. But then it became clearer and clearer for me: I was able to see the situations and circumstances which changed my life and its direction and my growing consciousness! And as you surely know, they say there´s a 7 year rhythm in each ones life for transformation and changes… …to be honest – I did not really believe this. But now I had it directly in front of my eyes – and it´s true! As I´m right now in the middle of my „sixth chapter“ – I look very much forward to the upcoming ones!
Even more when I find inspiration in other peoples way of leading their life!
One great example is this exceptional lady:What a relief and joy to find inspiring women like her out there in the world wide net.  Yes, they really exist – so there´s hope :) They´re intelligent, cool, in peace with themselves and found their own independent way of living a fulfilled life:
I accidentally virtually stumbled over this lovely lady from New York and was fascinated at once. Even more when I started to read her smart comments. She writes a blog about fashion on her website Her articles are all related to style. Her view about how to wear grey or how she became unexpectedly a fashion icon at the NY fashion week are witty, well observed and really worthwhile reading!
What she says about herself:

She does not consume garments, she lives her life in them and dresses honestly. She has original style without being eccentric. She chooses garments and experiences that allow her to be the self she is and the self that is always becoming.

Hats off: What an inspiring woman and a great role model, too!

BTW: Why not give it a try? Make yourself a gift and write your biography only for yourself! Promise, you`ll be amazed!

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