Feeling Stuck?!

Feeling Stuck?!


Summer break is over, and I hope you had a great and inspirational one, just like me!
And now?
Back to work and back to normal – I wished!

But: I feel stuck!

Yes, my label CUBELIN is all about inspiration. But honestly, right now, I have no idea in which direction to go further.

In my head I have tons of ideas I would love to elaborate and I try to work them out. But I can´t see the connection and how I can relate them with my business.

I always hear those judging questions in my head:

„Gabi, why are you starting to weave now? This doesn´t make any sense!“
„How on earth will you earn money with painting a chair – and are you particularly allowed to do that ?
„May I use acrylics on textiles, or will something terrible happen if I do so?

And though I keep telling myself YES, YES, YOU ARE ALLOWED!….I feel like constantly breaking the rules and this is really exhausting.

So how can I deal with that?

I was lucky to find some great advice by a rock musician you still might know from that wonderful 80s band, The Eurythmics: Dave Stewart.
He is offering it in the free App „Creativity lite“, and it´s actually an excerpt from his book „Business Playground“.
If you feel anything like me, stuck and not seeing the point in doing what you´re doing, it´s really worthwile listening to it.

Here´s the link to the app (it might only work on an Ipad!):

Creativity Lite

Just listening to those short stories was so helpful for me to feel better about what I am doing now. (Even if I still don´t  know, where this is leading me to.)

And I keep on experimenting!

I´m also still looking for the best and most useful way of sharing ideas and inspirations with you.
Writing these letters means a lot to me, as they feel like an important part of my journey.
Thank you for being with me and I will keep in touch!

Lots of love!


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