Flying Fearless

Flying Fearless

Flying Fearless

She is sweet and sexy and maybe you wouldn´t instantly be aware of her super powers. But this girl really rocks! Marie Le Febvre is going after her dreams – and she shows no signs of hesitation or fear. She is one of the 70 persons in the world, who is qualified to be a parfumeur and belongs to the group of „Fine Fragrancy“: Parfumeurs, who only create perfums.




Two years ago Marie decided to move from Paris to Berlin with her husband and little son. Here she fulfilled her dream of opening her  own perfume laboratory and launched the fragrance brand “Urban Scents”.






As you can see in her Urban Scents logo, Maries hobby is flying an aeroplane (!) and her attitude towards life is characterized by curiosity and being positive. When she found out about her family´s history – her grandparents helped american soldiers in World War II – she decided to write a book about it. Risking and resistance is a true and inspiring story and very worthwhile to read, as it invites all of us to explore our past and connect with it.




Maries journey into her family’s past influences also her current work as she sources ingredients that help provide income for people impacted by economic and political unrest. She’s developing a fragrance named “Utopia,” a scent that blends materials from around the world, including elements from countries at odds with one another. This fragrance is her personal expression of peace.

And this family of Marie has a lot more going on: her husband Alexander Urban is a lover of art and exhibits in his gallery Cavuspace. Just recently he realized a new amazing project:  the opening of the Habibi Interiors. An amazing space in the middle of Berlin where you can find the most delicate mosaic tiles from marocco – and enjoy the spa area to relax or rent out for a private event.




You´ll find Habibi Interiors in the Eisenacherstr. 58, Berlin Schöneberg. Right next to it is the „Urban Scents“ shop of Marie and the Cavuspace gallery of Alexander Urban.

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Bowie Collector

Bowie Collector

Bowie Collector

On my last trip to London I have been lucky to accidentally find out about this special exhibiton:

David Bowie has been a keen and enthusiastic lover of modern art. Sotheby´s had some of his personal pieces on display – and I would like to share these pictures I made with you.

What I found very intriguing about exploring the exhibition was this quote of Bowie :

Art was the only thing I ever wanted to possess.

They say, he was diving very deep into it. So Bowie only bought the work of artists with whom he felt a personal connection, and which moved and inspired him.

You will understand then, that I´m not interested in how much money the auction at Sotheby´s finally made – because, at the end of the day, that just doesnt matter:)















The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World! What a beautiful titel, full of impact. It´s the title of a recent exhibition of Etel Adnan in London I luckily had the chance to visit.

And this 91 years old lady does know a lot about the world and its weight. She´s a Journalist, Writer, Poet, Painter, Activist. Born in Beirut, she´s been a true cosmopolit troughout her whole life.



Etel Adnan in her studio. Photo by Fabrice Gilbert, courtesy Galerie Lelong, picture by Artspace


At the tender age of 87 she became famous for her brightly coloured and abstract paintings of landscapes. And the colours! I have very seldom seen such amazing compositions. I think she is one of the few artists who have access to a deeper state of mind and being. And this is visible in the stunning beauty of her pictures.

Etel says about herself: „I paint in a state that is half-awake and half-asleep, deeply engrossed within my own mind. Trusting your own instincts is key. You trust that what you’re doing is not just colors and shapes but the construction of something that transcends them. Painting, like music, is its own language, so you trust it and let go.“





img_5461  img_5454






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