Out of the Box

Out of the Box

Out of the Box

Sometimes it´s just overwhelming!

There are soooo many fantastic ideas out there – and the most inspiring ones, as I feel, are those which open up new vistas.

That is what`s always catching me – that unexpected twist of something I already believe to know.

An art exhibition is always a good place to make such jaw dropping experiences.

Just recently at the art fair „Positions“ in Berlin I found right next to all the interesting pictures and paintings these really fascinating wall objects.


Emile Zola


At first I didn´t realize what they were made of – I just liked the colours and the patterns and shapes, they reminded me of the cross section of a tree.

I was surprised and curiously took a closer look.

The artist Francois Duplessis has a deep passion for books – and the way he uses them, is really out of the box. For him the books are mainly material.

He uses old and precious ones with a colourful or golden cut, and by using high pressure he creates these interesting shapes. For many years he´s been working on his bookstories now, and he keeps reinventing them.




He has done a lot of other inspiring book objects, for further reading please check out Francois´website at


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