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Sarah´s Art

Sarah´s Art

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Puuh… so hard to decide for only one of her wonderful pieces: Sarah Illenberger is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin and does such great work at the intersection of art graphic design and photography. She is highly creative and there is always fun and a twist in her work. These are her beautiful flowerworks…..

I also love her knitted heart and her advertisment works for big names like Hermes, Nike, Nomos etc…to be admired at:


All pictures taken from the website of Sarah Illenberger:

Crocheting Madness

Crocheting Madness

Crocheting Madness

She must be a maniac! This girl from poland – her name is Olek – is so exiting, inspiring and full of bursting energy. She is crocheting her whole world in order to transform it – I am always reminded of a cocoon:)



Hard to believe, but her work includes e.g. this complete train:


Olek is unstoppable, least of all by busses, statues or buildings. She even crocheted a whole homeless shelter in New Delhi, India!Today her colourful work is exhibited in museums around the world.Such joy, fun and freedom she is spreading and she is a wonderful example of what may happen if you follow your heart.

Cubelin at Stilwerk

Cubelin at Stilwerk

| Cubelin at Stilwerk |

Azambourg Gallery Exhibition

CUBELIN Vernissage at Stilwerk in the Azambourg Gallery on Saturday, 27. June 15! Lots of friends and costumers came despite of a rainy day to the famous building at Berliner Kantstraße. Unique and outstanding art and design is on display in the Pop Up Gallery of stardesigner Francois Azambourg. A perfectly spacious place for CUBELIN to present four Cubelins, like the huge „Flowers“ and  „Mother Mary“, both from the latest Neon Edition – and the „Impressionist“ and „Spanish Fantasy“.  All visitors enjoyed taking a seat on the comfy and stylish tapestry poufs and posing for pictures.

Francois Amazourg himself works for HERMES Paris and is creating amazing art objects, like the flashing orange crocodile made from real crocodile skin. His displayed stools are made without any nails or srews.

Garth Bowden is a multidisciplined artist, who enjoys to investigate consciousness in all aspects of life. This is reflected in all of his works exhibited at the Azambourg gallery. He shows his enlighted wooden projects, the binary codes pictures and his handcrafted wooden seats.


| Hublot Polo Cup Ascona |

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