Organic Embroidery

Organic Embroidery

Organic Embroidery


The art of Meredith Woolnough is showing the beauty of nature in knotted embroidery threads. Her creations look like coming directly from a coral reef out of the ocean. The intricate embroideries are then carefully pinned in shadowboxes, just like preserved specimens.



I am so fascinated by those amazing patterns and was wondering, how is it possible to create such delicate embroidery?  And I found the tricky answer: the secret behind her works is the fabric, because it is water soluble! It was originally invented by the medical industry and is now available in sewing shops. It works as the basic stabilizer on which Meredith can sew her beautiful designs. When the embroidery is finished, she just washes the fabric away.





Nevertheless, the work of Meredith Woolnough, who lives in Australia is extremely intriguing. You can find out more about her art at or watch this interesting video, where she explains her working process:



(All pictures taken from the website of Meredith Woolnough

Weaving Art

Weaving Art

Weaving Art

Prof. Laima Orzekauskiene is definitely a difficult name – but really worth remembering it! She is from Lithuania and I met her at the textile art exhibition in Berlin 2014. Her work was called: “Women in their Fifties” and I made some pictures as you can see down below. I adore her unique weaving technique with a variety of materials including gold thread and even human hair.


img_6681    img_6683



Out of the Box

Out of the Box

Out of the Box

Sometimes it´s just overwhelming!

There are soooo many fantastic ideas out there – and the most inspiring ones, as I feel, are those which open up new vistas.

That is what`s always catching me – that unexpected twist of something I already believe to know.

An art exhibition is always a good place to make such jaw dropping experiences.

Just recently at the art fair „Positions“ in Berlin I found right next to all the interesting pictures and paintings these really fascinating wall objects.


Emile Zola


At first I didn´t realize what they were made of – I just liked the colours and the patterns and shapes, they reminded me of the cross section of a tree.

I was surprised and curiously took a closer look.

The artist Francois Duplessis has a deep passion for books – and the way he uses them, is really out of the box. For him the books are mainly material.

He uses old and precious ones with a colourful or golden cut, and by using high pressure he creates these interesting shapes. For many years he´s been working on his bookstories now, and he keeps reinventing them.




He has done a lot of other inspiring book objects, for further reading please check out Francois´website at

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