Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing

Are you content with what you see?

Are you alright with the world around you?

If so – that´s awesome!

If not, let me ask you this: What makes you not happy? Is it the things – or is it you perceiving them?

Most people might say, of course, it is the things around me which make me unhappy. It is the way things are that makes me sad.

Now I´d like to introduce you to an extremely interesting film which casts a very different view on this.

It´s made by the british author and art critic John Berger.

Being very appealing himself he reveals in a conscious and precise way our ways of seeing.

And he did that already 44 years ago! But his insights are still today tremendous and eyeopening.

Treat yourself with the four part Bafta Award winning BBC series from 1972!



Enjoy!! And start viewing our even more developed and modern world today with Bergers fascinating insights.

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