Queen of Tags

Queen of Tags

Queen of Tags

This lady from Switzerland has a big, big heart for all kind of labels, tags and etiquettes!

Yes, those sometimes annoying itchy labels we usually cut out of our shirts. With loads of labels Pia Fischer is creating the most extraordinary fashion and amazing accessories. Some of her works are extremely outstanding – for example her unbrellas – they look like they sprang out of a fairy tale.




Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-12 um 18.26.27


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-12 um 18.25.55


Pia Fischer has a shop in Berlin, Schöneberg, crammed with hundreds of her creations and when I met her, she was working on her sewing machine. And as she told me, that´s what she´s always doing – sewing the whole day long. It´s just what she loves doing most!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-12 um 18.24.06


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-12 um 18.30.36


All pictures taken from Pia Fischers Website: www.creationpiafischer.de


Hublot Polo Cup Ascona

Hublot Polo Cup Ascona

| Hublot Polo Cup Ascona |

Furnishing V.I.P. Lounge

CUBELIN furnishing the V.I.P. Lounge of the 6.th HUBLOT Polo Cup in beautiful Ascona at Lago Maggiore! Being an official sponsor was great fun and a fantastic experience! Three days long this glamorous event was magnet for an international audience to meet and greet and to watch exceptional Polo with international players. CUBELIN displayed a special selection of five poufs for this occasion, which were joyfully appreciated by everyone. Further information about the Polo Cup: http://www.poloclubascona.ch


| Art Collaboration |

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