Flying Fearless

Flying Fearless

Flying Fearless

She is sweet and sexy and maybe you wouldn´t instantly be aware of her super powers. But this girl really rocks! Marie Le Febvre is going after her dreams – and she shows no signs of hesitation or fear. She is one of the 70 persons in the world, who is qualified to be a parfumeur and belongs to the group of „Fine Fragrancy“: Parfumeurs, who only create perfums.




Two years ago Marie decided to move from Paris to Berlin with her husband and little son. Here she fulfilled her dream of opening her  own perfume laboratory and launched the fragrance brand “Urban Scents”.






As you can see in her Urban Scents logo, Maries hobby is flying an aeroplane (!) and her attitude towards life is characterized by curiosity and being positive. When she found out about her family´s history – her grandparents helped american soldiers in World War II – she decided to write a book about it. Risking and resistance is a true and inspiring story and very worthwhile to read, as it invites all of us to explore our past and connect with it.




Maries journey into her family’s past influences also her current work as she sources ingredients that help provide income for people impacted by economic and political unrest. She’s developing a fragrance named “Utopia,” a scent that blends materials from around the world, including elements from countries at odds with one another. This fragrance is her personal expression of peace.

And this family of Marie has a lot more going on: her husband Alexander Urban is a lover of art and exhibits in his gallery Cavuspace. Just recently he realized a new amazing project:  the opening of the Habibi Interiors. An amazing space in the middle of Berlin where you can find the most delicate mosaic tiles from marocco – and enjoy the spa area to relax or rent out for a private event.




You´ll find Habibi Interiors in the Eisenacherstr. 58, Berlin Schöneberg. Right next to it is the „Urban Scents“ shop of Marie and the Cavuspace gallery of Alexander Urban.

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Organic Embroidery

Organic Embroidery

Organic Embroidery


The art of Meredith Woolnough is showing the beauty of nature in knotted embroidery threads. Her creations look like coming directly from a coral reef out of the ocean. The intricate embroideries are then carefully pinned in shadowboxes, just like preserved specimens.



I am so fascinated by those amazing patterns and was wondering, how is it possible to create such delicate embroidery?  And I found the tricky answer: the secret behind her works is the fabric, because it is water soluble! It was originally invented by the medical industry and is now available in sewing shops. It works as the basic stabilizer on which Meredith can sew her beautiful designs. When the embroidery is finished, she just washes the fabric away.





Nevertheless, the work of Meredith Woolnough, who lives in Australia is extremely intriguing. You can find out more about her art at or watch this interesting video, where she explains her working process:



(All pictures taken from the website of Meredith Woolnough

Textile Adventures

Textile Adventures

Textile Adventures

Her whole life this woman has been in love with textiles, patterns, colours and texture. Looking back now, with 82 years, Sheila Hicks can claim to have always followed her passion.

What makes her work so special is her painterly and architectural approach to textile design. Along with other fiber artists, she is responsible for taking textiles off the wall and giving them a sculptural dimension.

Just awesome!


Sheila Hicks by Julia Noni


What fascinates me most, is the amazing variety of her work. She has started with minimal weavings, which she was inspired to during her trips through Mexico. For more then 50 years now she always carries a small handmade wooden frame in her bag around the world. The hundreds of works have the size of a piece of notebook paper:



HICKS_JJ11_02 03-Egelantiersstraat 1336773078870.cached


Other works of Sheila Hicks have the sizes of footbal fields like this huge installation called „The silk rainforest“.


The silk rainforest 1975

The silk rainforest 1975


„May I have this dance?“ Sheila Hicks (spacematters)

Sheila Hicks for


Sheila Hicks detail Domus

Sheila Hicks detail Domus


I wish I was a wave, 2015, Sheila Hicks, by Demish Danant

I wish I was a wave, 2015, Sheila Hicks, by Demish Danant



Sheila Hicks at Art Basel 2013



Sheila Hicks, wallpapermagazine


With her 82 years, Sheila Hicks is such a fascinating and inspiring lady. She established herself as one of the most innovative textile artists of the 20th century. But most importantly she radiates so much joy and passion that she still looks like a young girl, ready to play and discover the world full of (textile -) adventures.


Sheila Hicks: Foray into Chromatic Zones - The first art installation presented within the Dan Graham Waterloo Sunset Pavilion overlooking Waterloo Bridge and the London Skyline. It includes: scale bundles of coloured fabric that visitors are welcome to sit on and interact with; and mounds of differently and vibrantly coloured fabric that hang from the ceiling. Hayward Gallery Project Space, Southbank, London UK 23 Feb 2015.

Sheila Hicks: Foray into Chromatic Zones: scale bundles of coloured fabric, Hayward Gallery Project Space, London.


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