Christmas Charity

Christmas Charity


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Gallery Baeckerstrasse


CUBELIN at the Chrismas Charity of the Gallery Baeckerstrasse in Berlin Schöneberg. This event was organized by owner Alexander Urban and his lovely wife Marie Le Febvre. Lots of friends and costumers came to buy tickets for the tombola and more. More than hundreds guests made this event a big success. Besides the Cubelins I presented a collection of my new crocheted sculpture bags. Having sold the Cubelin „Flowers“ 10 % of the price is donated to the help of the Berlin refugees. Finally in total 1500 Euros were raised to support the Malteser egagement for refugees.

Photos: Doreen Geyer





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Insect Art

Insect Art

Insect Art

I think it´s so important to surround yourself with beautiful and unique things of good quality! It makes such a difference – you feel more worthy and every time you look at it, you get this warm loving feeling.

I have a few of those around me, which I would like to share with you from time to time.

Berlin based artist Karsten Fuge does really awesome stuff – insects made of ? spoons ? beltbuckles ? Yes, you must have a closer look at it. Very fascinating! Here is a picture of his artwork which I enjoy looking at it every time I walk through my kitchen.


And as I just found out, he also does extraordinary paintings creating his own Kafkaesque universe that´s inhabited by strange beings and animals.


More info about Karsten Fuge via:

Eclectic Pleasures

Eclectic Pleasures


| Eclectic Pleasures |

Paula Immich – Kex – CUBELIN


Happy people at our „eclectic pleasures“ event! In the atelier of the well known fashion designer Paula Immich she displayed her elegant designs along with the extraordinary textile lace creations of Kex and a selection of three CUBELINs. Enjoy the pictures of the party!

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